school workshops

Workshops can occupy half days or whole days. The workshops can be enriched with particular activities which focus on exploring design & making and or sustainable education, this is not always possible with half day workshops but suggestions for follow-on activities can be given. This can be discussed when planning the day. The inspirations for workshop themes are patterns and forms in nature or biodiversity of species around us.

Wrapping, stitching, knotting and other methods are used to join materials and construct forms. Techniques mostly found in textiles or jewellery-making. These are demonstrated and students will try these techniques. Examples of how a variety of materials can be used are provided. Once participants understand the basic techniques and particular materials, they can engage in creating their own designs through exploring using different materials, adapting the techniques, etc, and evaluating and making decisions to produce individual artworks. Basic tools are available to use and instructions provided on their use taking into consideration heath and safety.

In preparation for the workshops a list of suitable materials to collect will be provided, which can be recycled and reused during the activity. These are mostly waste plastic packaging of various types used in the home. The list will indicate that it is possible to use various materials as we definitely do not want to use more of the world’s limited natural resources to satisfy our desire to be creative!

Fantasy Flora and Fauna

Westleton WI fantasy flora workshop

Create small sculptural forms inspired by seed-heads, flower buds or leaf clusters from waste plastic packaging and wire. These can be attached to hedges or trees, used as decorations for events, or worn as personal adornments like hair decorations or corsages.

Key stages: KS2, KS3. Duration: half-day or full day.

Stalham High School
Marine Life workshop

Marine Life Forms

We will use the plant-like animals from the ocean as inspiration for these small sculptures. There is an amazing array of life-forms floating in the sea or attached to the ocean bed.

Tree Hangings

Tree mobiles workshop - Norfolk & Norwich Festival
Fringe event

Leaf shapes are cut from lightweight discarded plastic materials, these are selected for their colour, translucency and texture to create an individual design. Participants create delicate balances using wire to make unique suspended artwork that will move in the air.

Key stages: KS2, KS3. Duration: half-day

Decorative (festive) forms

Christmas Decorations

Using a range of waste packaging with no glue or sticky-tape in sight - just inventive ways to transform and join materials together to make decorations with style.

Mobile Artworks (suspended)

Mobiles - Archbishop Sancroft High School

Selecting lightweight discarded materials for their colour, translucency and texture. Students experiment with pivotal points and delicate balances using wire to create a unique suspended artwork. Inspired by Alexander Calder mobiles.

Key stages: upper KS2, KS3, KS4.

Caister High School - jewellery workshop


Items such as rings, bracelets, fascinators can be made through cutting, piercing, pleating waste plastics to transform them into radical items of fashion.

Key stages: upper KS2, KS3, KS4.

Further workshop ideas can be found in Projects and Outdoor Workshops and Events.