Footprint Arts has delivered specially designed one-day workshops, live-art weeks, technology days, special commissions and activities at events. Previous clients have been schools, councils, festivals, wildlife trusts. This is a small selection of some of the projects, further images can be found in the community arts gallery.

Beetle - Creative Partnerships St Agnes Primary School, London

St Agnes RC Primary School, London (Creative Partnerships) with the CIA (Creative Intelligence Agency)

Exploring “what is sculpture” as an Enquiry project. A beetle sculpture was made for the outside Forest Schools classroom.

Costume and Textile Museum masterclass

The Costume and Textile Study Centre at Carrow House

A masterclass for art teachers using the collections of lace as inspiration, teachers experimented with processes of cutting, manipulating, stitching and knotting to make sculptural forms using translucent recycled materials and wire.

Recycling stations project with high schools, wildlife - Royal Norfolk Show

Norfolk County Council

Project co-ordinated with Schools Waste Action Club (SWAC) to work with four local high schools to design and make art works of four recycling stations at the Royal Norfolk Show.

Big Summer Clean - Nottingham City Council

Nottingham City Council

Workshop with schoolchildren in Nottingham City centre to create letters to spell "Big Summer Clean" from recycled materials. Banners and publicity materials for the campaign used the image of "Big Summer Clean”.


Westleton Women’s Institute

A whole range of different flora was created with waste plastic packaging and placed on the village green to publicise the Flower Festival (real flowers!)

Suspended sculpture with Natural England beach clean materials found at Wells

Natural England

A beach clean at Wells took place and small suspended sculptures were made from the waste plastics and other materials and suspended in the pine trees. This was to focus attention to the enormous quantity of waste which pollutes our seas.

Inset day with Norfolk's Master Composters at Holt Hall

Master Composters' figures for Royal Norfolk Show

The basic structures of the male and female sculptures were made before training, then they had to be “dressed” by using compostable materials. The female figure from green compostable materials and the male figure from brown materials, to create a couple which symbolises the ideal 50/50 mix that make great compost. The sculptures were displayed at the Recycle for Norfolk stand at the Royal Norfolk Show.