outdoor workshops and events

These workshops were all designed for outdoor events (they also work inside) and most of the artworks can be hung in trees or attached to hedges, materials used are waterproof and construction processes will withstand most weather conditions. At events, workshop sessions can be repeated throughout the day. They will take approximately 30 – 45 mins, the butterfly and tree hangings will take longer to accomplish.

Workshops can be adapted to take place with community groups or in schools, where there is more time to accomplish individual designs through experimentation with materials and techniques. Participants can work individually or together. The butterfly suits working in pairs or in a group to make the separate units which form the wing decoration.

Wrapping, stitching, knotting and other methods are used to join materials and construct forms. Techniques mostly found in textiles or jewellery-making. Each stage in the making process is demonstrated and participants can follow the steps to create the form. The construction processes would be a challenge to children under eight years old, so it can be an opportunity for parents to work with their younger children or older and younger siblings to work together. Basic tools are available to use and instructions provided on their use taking into consideration heath and safety.

If manageable by the event organisers a list of suitable materials to collect (amongst colleagues, friends, family and neighbours) for the workshops will be provided, which can be recycled and reused during the activity. These are mostly waste plastic packaging of various types used in the home. The list will indicate that it is possible to use various materials as we definitely do not want to use more of the world’s natural resources to satisfy our desire to be creative! We can provide the waste packaging materials, however there maybe an extra charge as it takes a good deal of time to collect, wash then provide space to store sufficient for several people to use.

Green build fish

Skinny Fish

These delightful fish can have very different personalities depending on the size of the milk bottle head and positioning of the eyes, they have bony bodies and elegant tails. A range of waste plastics are used

Carnival windmills

Juicy Windmills

These windmills are not just ornamental; they really will spin fast in the wind. They are made from waste materials and wire.

Butterfly workshop

Float Like a Butterfly

Make giant butterflies to hang in the trees using recycled materials. Can be a group workshop to make individual butterflies or as a drop-in workshop where each person makes wing sections, which are assembled by Karen to hang in the trees of a park and remain at the end of the workshop.

Dragonfly workshop

Enter the Dragonfly!

Make a large dragonfly using recycled plastics and wire.

Flower festival

Fantasy Flora and Fauna

Create small sculptural forms inspired by seedheads, flower buds, leaf clusters, etc from waste plastic packaging and wire. These can be attached to hedges/trees.

Tree mobiles

Tree Hangings

Selecting lightweight discarded plastic materials for their colour, translucency and texture. Participants create delicate balances using wire to make unique suspended artwork which will move in the air.