Welcome to Footprint Arts.

Working over various time frames from half-day workshops to longer projects, Footprint Arts aims to encourage respect for our world and “green habits” with children, adults and young people. We work with local authorities, wildlife trusts and environment organisations to provide creative activities at events. Our workshops take place in schools as part of art, design and technology subjects and special events/projects, such as environment days, art festivals, technology days and inset sessions. We also work with community groups and organisations for occasions such as exhibition art activity programmes, flower festivals and food & drink festivals. Although mainly working in Norfolk, Suffolk and surrounding area, we can work across the UK.

Techniques and ideas for workshops are developed by Karen Whiterod, who believes in using creative, design and making skills to transform the overlooked into something beautiful. There’s a lot of waste material in the world, rather than use more of the world’s natural resources, which are running out, let’s get creative with these. Of course we want our workshops to be entertaining but we would like them to deliver more than that, so we have some “add-ons”, which can enrich the creative side, these can deliver on design, making and sustainable living. You can also look at the Learning Zone for links to some interesting stuff.

Join our workshop making words of hope at the Green Film Festival at the University of East Anglia on Saturday 5th May 2018 http://www.uea.ac.uk/about/sustainability/events/gff-exhibition18

Hope for inspirational green plan action