artists for climate change


Karen Whiterod is part of a cooperative called Artists for Climate Change. Led by Norfolk County Council, it has been awarded the London 2012 Inspire Mark for Sustainability

The Artists for Climate Change initiative aims to support county carbon reduction targets, and to make sustainable lifestyles seem both achievable and desirable.

As a result, local artists have created a range of creative learning programmes designed to excite children and young people's imagination and understanding around issues of climate change and sustainability.

These programmes have taken the form of an Artists for Climate Change Directory. Artists are available to work in both school and community settings.

Visit the Norfolk Schools environmental education website for further information about AFCC and to view the directory of artists

Live Carbon Light Day (Karen Whiterod’s activity day in the AFCC directory)

This day will look at the importance of reducing carbon emissions, and launch idea for using “slimming club” strategies for carbon reduction. These can be made personal and easy to understand with an emphasis on incentives not deprivation. The intention would be to engage the group with the idea of starting a “Live Carbon Light” club in the school for families and plan how this could be possible.

There will be a creative making activity which focuses on communication and working co-operatively. The activity will involve making a sculptural light with small plastic bottles (maybe found in school?). Creating the light will be a “cascade-learning” activity, alongside participation and compilation of a quiz where both the answers & questions can be found by researching environmental websites from a given list. This is intended to act as motivation & increase knowledge, while demonstrating how a fun activity can be used to impart knowledge.


  • Pupils engagement with the idea of starting a “Carbon Light” club with the initial steps to starting this.
  • Approach developed to use within school and wider community to support carbon reduction targets
  • Pupils’ empowering to take control in this, while receiving necessary support.
  • Increasing knowledge and understanding of need for carbon reduction
  • Creative & practical skill acquisition through making light sculpture
  • Demonstrating importance of co-operative working and clear communication
  • Potential to link to Duke of Edinburgh, peer mentoring schemes, school council, school eco groups, Eco Schools, PTA, parents’ evenings.